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mHealth Mindshare at HIMSS’14

There was a significant mindshare and exchanges that happened in the recently concluded HIMSS`14. We list down some of the mHealth trends discussed at HIMSS`14.

  • Personalized mHealth Solutions : “Healthcare is clearly moving in the direction of greater consumer engagement and delivery outside of traditional care settings,” said H. Stephen Lieber, president and CEO of HIMSS World Wide. This indicates that there are new, revolutionary care and health management methods that reach the consumers wherever they are – at home, office, gym on the wheels etc.
  • Privacy and Security of Patient data : Clearly, at a time where data breaches are rampant there seems to be more emphasis on the security of patient data accessed through a mobile/tablet device by physicians and nurses. Healthcare organizations should have a clear strategy and solutions addressing the problems and pitfalls of protecting personal health information when using mobile devices. The session led by Andrea Bradshaw and Sadik Al-Abdulla of CDW at HIMSS`14 saw every seat being occupied – talking volumes about the challenges faced by healthcare industry.
  • Payers leveraging Mobile Solutions: Aetna CEO Mark Bertolini said during the HIMSS`14 opening keynote, that the goal is to create a healthier nation while cutting wasteful expenditures. Payers have started recognizing the influence of mobile devices on consumers and are putting out an action plan that focuses on giving the tools that provide actionable insights and data driven facts for managing their health.
  • Mobile EHR/EMR: In the past years healthcare industry was focused on getting physicians adopt EHR/EMRs in their practice. With mHealth, there has been a great push towards mobile enablement of EHR/EMR that helps physicians to take quick and accurate decisions on the fly. Mobile enabled EHR/EMR is turning out to be an attractive proposition for the healthcare organizations to provide connected care for patients.
  • Wearable Computing/Digital Health: Wearable devices have become the fashion norm these days. With wrist bands, sensors and other wearable devices that monitor health parameters of individuals provide innovative ways to meld fashion with healthcare.
  • Connected Home for Elders: mHealth and Telehealth provide a new perspective of home care delivery and social engagement platforms to connect seniors at home with their caregivers. At HIMSS 14, Cisco showcased Lake Nona, a 7,000-acre community in Orlando that was launched some 25 years ago by Disney and now features campuses of some of the top healthcare organizations. This community of some 3,000 homes (with another 7,000 planned) is a testing ground for the Intelligent Home concept – and mHealth in general.