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Cloud Enabled Connected Healthcare

A recent study by the firm MarketsandMarkets indicates that the healthcare cloud computing market, which is only currently about 4% of the industry, is expected to grow to nearly $5.4 billion by 2017. The cloud integration and migration process, however, can be daunting for healthcare organizations since they have to move humongous data in the form of patient records, clinical/provider specific, Payers, Research and R&D.

In a heavily regulated industry like Healthcare, security is paramount for any organization. Hence, cloud service providers in healthcare should implement strict security norms designed to comply with federal regulations including SEC, SOX and HIPAA.

Benefits of Cloud Computing for Healthcare Organizations

While healthcare IT decision makers are skeptical about the security of their sensitive patient data, there has been an increased interest among the CXOs, to explore cloud computing & its associated business benefits and chalk out a phased plan for cloud adoption. Cloud computing quickly ramps up revenue initiatives, positively impacts business baseline & costs, allows business leaders to shed their technology worries so that they can focus on their business.

Let us discuss some of the benefits of cloud enabled healthcare delivery.

  • Security: Moving the online patient records (EMR/EHR) is at the top of the mind for most healthcare providers. The cloud service provider should ensure that the data is encrypted and securely backed up, provide an easy disaster recovery mechanism, and enforce a privileged role based data access.
  • Scalability: With cloud computing, providers can provision storage on a need basis as their patient data grows. As a standard practice, healthcare providers generally must keep records for at least six years. Hence, providers of cloud server or storage solutions should be able to adapt to this huge EHR/EMR load to serve the healthcare organizations.
  • Mobility provides the right diagnosis at the point of care at the right time: With cloud computing solutions, patient information is readily available at anytime, anywhere and doctors can quickly and easily pull up medical records remotely on their handheld devices for quicker action.
  • Cost Reduction: According to a report by Healthcare Financial Management and depending on the scope and size of a healthcare organization, savings benefits of EMRs/EHRs can amount to upwards of $37 million over a five-year period.
    By adopting cloud-computing solutions, patients, physician’s practices, and medical organizations experience significant cost savings.

How Calsoft Labs Can Help

We have developed an integrated “Connected Healthcare Framework” that addresses the core issues of availability, accessibility and affordability of care to the patients leveraging modern day technologies like Cloud, Mobility and Big Data.

Our Cloud services make connected healthcare a reality through innovative service offerings like:

  • Cloud enabled HIS, EHR/EMR and Billing Solutions
  • Cloud based Physician/Patient Portals
  • Cloud based smart Radiology System
    • Classification and Analysis of cancer tumors for mammogram and FNA images
    • Cancer Prognosis study and reporting
  • Scalable cloud storage for radiology department
  • Cloud based physician communications and alert management
  • Cloud based Telehealth and Remote Diagnostics
  • Cloud and mobility based home health solution
  • Connected medical devices