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eSMART RIS - Intelligent Radiology Image Management

ALTEN Calsoft Labs' eSMART RIS, an intelligent biomedical image analysis and classification tool leverages Cloud and Big Data to store huge mammogram images and analyze, detect cancer tumors through prognosis. The tool provides an automated solution for radiologists & physicians to study and analyze the massive mammogram and FNA (Fine Needle Aspiration) images.

Our proprietary biomedical analytics platform provides distributed storage, analysis and computing capabilities to process results of analysis, segmentation and prognosis in parallel.

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How eSMART RIS Helps:

  • Mammogram & FNA image segmentation through spectral clustering techniques
  • Detection of characteristics/micro-calcifications
  • Classify the images into benign/malignant types through predictive algorithms
  • Predict the behavior of the tumor/nuclei through prognosis and historical image analysis
  • Analytics as a Service for radiologists and physicians
  • Quick historical image analysis and automated report generation
  • Technology enabled "Clinical Decision Support System" for hospitals

Why ALTEN Calsoft Labs

  • 20 years of proven healthcare IT/product engineering excellence
  • Established Healthcare, Cloud/Big Data center of excellence with 1,000+ person years of experience
  • Solution accelerators and frameworks for a faster and assured delivery

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