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Migration & Reengineering

Healthcare Software vendors are challenged today in getting the best value out of their long-standing products in the face of continuously changing technologies and business scenarios. Some of the reasons that compel ISVs to migrate their products range are

  • High maintenance costs
  • Complex architecture of the existing products
  • Technology obsolescence
  • Scalability issues and difficulty in integrating with other IT systems

ALTEN Calsoft Labs can help healthcare organizations migrate their products (EHR/EMR, LIMS, Clinical Decision Support Systems, Clinical Trials Management Systems, Pharmacy Automation Systems, etc) from a legacy technology platform to contemporary technologies, be it Microsoft .NET, J2EE or others.

Our product migration is based on our time tested "APMTS framework". Our migration framework ensures high quality of migrated components and reduced total cost of ownership (TCO). Further, performance benchmarking ensures that migrated products perform to the defined parameters resulting in increased scalability, simplified maintenance and reduced costs.

The five distinct phases in our product migration process viz., Assessment, Preparation, Migration, Testing and Support have clearly defined deliverables as depicted below.

  • Assessment: ALTEN Calsoft Labs' product development team analyzes the existing product code base to understand the underlying architecture and identify dependencies. This phase helps the team to come out with more effective strategies for product preparation step based on code complexity and dependencies. One of the key outputs of this step is a list of components that need to be rewritten, migrated directly, reused and replaced.
  • Preparation: This step prepares the product for migration. ALTEN Calsoft Labs’ team interacts with business stakeholders from customer and comes up with a migration strategy that will result in better security, reduced effort, standardization and faster time to market.
  • Migration: The migration phase would be largely driven by our framework and is a unique combination of tools and checklists that simplifies the migration process. It mainly involves translation of programs, screens, reports and database.
  • Testing We offer the complete range of testing services to various healthcare organizations across the globe. This phase ensures that the product is subjected to rigorous testing using the test cases prepared by ALTEN Calsoft Labs’ and customer teams. Apart from functional testing, stress, volume, and load tests are carried out to ensure scalability and performance levels are achieved. Fine tuning and/or optimization are conducted after each round of testing to achieve the desired performance levels.
  • Support: As a customer-centric company, we continue to provide extended maintenance and support while our customer's products reach the end users and become operational in the market. We work with our customers proactively to define on-going product support needs based on business objectives. We deploy a dedicated team to ensure your outsourced support and maintenance engagement activities are in line with your business goals.