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HIMSS'14 - Annual Conference and Exhibition
23rd - 27th Feb 2014, Orlando, Florida

HIMSS is the industry's largest health IT educational program and exhibition center. At HIMSS’14, the future of health IT resounds with thousands of IT professionals, clinicians and healthcare executives from around the world to provide a mindshare about managing the effects of ACO, the requirements of ICD-10, Mobile Health (mHealth), Meaningful Use, Interoperability, Patient Engagement, Clinical BI and much more.

ALTEN Calsoft Labs is a leader in delivering connected healthcare solutions leveraging its 20 years of strong healthcare industry experience. Through our connected healthcare solutions, we provide a framework for modernizing and reengineering various healthcare IT applications viz., EHR/EMR, PACS/RIS, Clinical Trials, LIMS, Pharmacy, Genomics, and Physician/Patient Portals. We have helped some of the leading technology vendors, Bio-Tech/Life Sciences organizations in developing state-of-the-art healthcare products by creating sustainable competitive advantage and enabled them to adopt new advances in healthcare technology. We are working with leading healthcare organizations in the area of cloud adoption roadmap definition, cloud enablement of key applications, and managing their cloud infrastructure. Leveraging our mature partner ecosystem and technology excellence in mobility and cloud, we promise our healthcare customers business innovation, agility and flexibility.

Stop by our booth # 7388,to learn more on the trends and challenges faced in a highly regulated healthcare environment from our experts. We are also showcasing some of our ppatient centric healthcare solutions that deliver unmatched care quality, reduce & optimize healthcare cost and help you realize the value of health IT investment.

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Unicom - India BIG Data Week 2014
28th Jan, 2014 @ Kolkata, India

Globally healthcare organizations are leveraging BIG Data to capture and carry deep insights and analytics on patient data to get a single version of truth delivered, with a goal to improve care ordination, patient care quality and promote an affordable care organization. Harnessing the power of BIG data enables healthcare organizations to achieve the following critical objectives of patient care transformation:

  • Sustainable healthcare IT systems
  • Improve collaboration and provide excellent patient care
  • Increasing access to healthcare through effective patient engagement and population health management

In this session Somenath Nag, Director - ISV & Enterprise Solutions, ALTEN Calsoft Labs, will discuss about use cases and applications of BIG data in improving patient care. The discussion focuses on BIG data as an enabler to:

  • Support providers in improving patient care while adhering to federal compliance
  • Enable effective research management for "Genomics and Beyond"
  • Enhance efficient data management(clinical, operational, supply chain, R&D;, provider, payer) to build a better health ecosystem
  • Increase awareness, operational efficiency, productivity and promote self-care models

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Unicom- Conference on Fundamentals of Cloud Computing
22 Nov, 2013 @ Bangalore, India

Globally healthcare providers today are facing two major challenges - one in providing healthcare solution to all and other to grow the industry faster enough. These two challenges are interlinked with each other and cannot be cannot be solved independently. At a macro level these challenges are caused by:

  • A huge Demand and supply gap in health infrastructure, skilled doctors, care providers, and basic medicines
  • Resource constraints, financial & workforce, to create infrastructure required to provide healthcare for all
  • Inefficiencies in healthcare operations due to low automation and isolated systems

Healthcare providers, big and small, have an opportunity to use the disruptive technologies like Cloud & Mobility and change the way healthcare is provided and create a sustainable competitive advantage in market place. In this session, Somenath Nag, Director - ISV & Enterprise Solutions, ALTEN Calsoft Labs, will discuss about 'Connected Healthcare', a framework for healthcare enterprises and technology vendors in modernizing and reengineering various healthcare IT systems viz. EHR/EMR, PACS/RIS, BI/Analytics, Physician/Patient Portals, thus improving physician and support staff productivity. We have proven experience in delivering a connected healthcare IT infrastructure that is secure, federal regulations compliant and cloud optimized.
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