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Provider Alert System

Healthcare organizations have to deal with a deluge of data pertaining to Providers, Payers, Hospitals, and R&D; to provide quality care to patients. At the same time, they need to address various other issues such as shortage of skilled staff, administrative and regulatory compliance, powerful communication channels and alert systems.

ALTEN Calsoft Labs' "Provider Alert System" is a framework for helping administrative, operational staff in a hospital to make accurate decisions for the patients - while improving quality, safety and efficiency of care. It provides an automated system that can help the users to determine the immediate plans of action, based on certain predefined rules.

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  • A customizable rule setup engine that allows the users to set up alerts based on:
    • Medication
    • Lab
  • A unified alert graphical dashboard with:
    • Alert Statistics
    • Alert Categories
    • Alert Communication Preference
    • Weekly, Monthly and Quarterly Alert Count
  • Customizable alert communication preference
    • SMS
    • Mobile
    • Intranet
    • E-mail
  • Define and customize the alert templates based on user requirements
  • Mobile integrated alert system for Android, iOS and Windows
  • Role based user administration
  • Seamless integration with patient portal for providing connected healthcare


  • Federal regulations compliannce(HIPAA and CCHIT) ready framework
  • A powerful medium to notify providers of a possible update or an adverse event
  • A robust framework which can shake hands with any legacy system
  • Highly customizable and extendable framework for any industry

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