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Lab Information System

ALTEN Calsoft Labs' LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System) provides bio-technology organizations with a flexible, configurable solution that helps them manage their sample data and automate their workflows. LIMS increases the labs' efficiency by avoiding tedious data entry that is prone to human error and seamlessly integrates with various third party laboratory systems.

LIMS Framework

The key features of our framework are:

  • Sample Management: The sample management module gives users a look at all information related to samples from what kind of sample it is to where it is being stored and how long it has been there.
    • Sample details
    • Sample tracking allows tracking location of sample from freezer and rack down to box, plate and exact well
    • Audit logs
    • Re-order alerts feature configure alerts when sample quantity reaches a certain level
  • Customizable workflows: The typical workflow of our LIMS is represented below.
  • Integration with standard lab machines: The LIMS integrates seamlessly with standard machines found in bio-tech labs. Some of these are given below:
    • cBot
    • KAPA
    • Sequencer
  • Document Management: For each project, the LIMS allows users to store associated files/documents, images etc. Users can refer to these at any time.
  • Security: Security is an intrinsic part of our framework. Access to the framework is controlled via login accounts for users with privileges based on roles. A complete audit trail ensures that all key inputs/changes made in the framework are tracked providing administrators with a complete picture on what changes were made by whom and when.