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Connected Healthcare

ALTEN Calsoft Labs' "Connected Healthcare Framework" leverages modern day technologies like Cloud, Mobility and Big Data to connect health systems, data, processes, and devices, within and across organizations providing:

  • Secure information management platform
  • Improved patient care and better clinical integration
  • Scalability & Sustainability
  • Interoperability and Compliance

Our framework components seamlessly integrate with customers' existing IT systems to augment medical research and care management for researchers, physicians and staff.


  • Provider Alerts Framework to enable care givers with an update on an adverse event depending on various events configured in a hospital
  • Promote effective patient health and fitness programs through an integrated glucometer application (iGlucoCheck) that monitors blood sugar
  • Mobile Nursing Medication Chart on tablets and smart phones for providing timely care with accuracy
  • Remote patient care management
    • Provide quality care at remote locations on mobile
    • Effective Physician Practice Management
  • Cloud enabled RIS solution(eSMART RIS) with:
    • An in-built analytics engine for classification and prognosis of bio-medical images
    • An integrated portal for patients, insurance companies, physicians to view and study the reports
    • FNA and Mammogram image analysis and classification
    • Automated report generation
Connected Healthcare Framework

How ALTEN Calsoft Labs' Connected Healthcare Framework Helps:

  • Modernize health Information systems leveraging technology that delivers clear, valuable insights to help people make confident decisions in the course of their work and life to promote better health
  • Enhance physician-patient collaboration
  • Personalized home healthcare solutions
  • Biomedical image classification, analysis & prognosis using Cloud and Big Data