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Departmental Modules

We have strong expertise in automating operations of various departments in a hospital and integrating those in an ERP.

  • Pharmacy Module: The pharmacy module deals with the general workflow and administration of medicines to patients in an effective way. We have developed label printing and bar coding solution for medicines dispensed through a pharmacy for quicker and accurate delivery. The other features that we support in this module are:
    • Enquiry and quotation
    • Purchase order
    • Pharmacy drug and store information
    • Issue of drugs to patients
    • Automated billing system
    • Pharmacy procurement
    • Alerts to manage drugs that have neared expiry
    • Handle receipts of drugs
    • Drug inventory management system
    • Mobile devices integration
  • Laboratory Management Module: The laboratory module automates the sample investigation request, analysis and delivery of results to physicians. The results could be delivered in various formats viz., doc, PDF and delivered to the doctor's email or handheld device for further diagnosis. This module also supports:
    • Sample or specimen details entry
    • Test report entry and delivery
    • Specimen association details
    • Investigation request
    • Samples dispatch/receivables handling
    • Investigation and treatment history
    • Integration with third party systems
  • Radiology Information Module: The radiology module enables storing, manipulating, and distributing patient radiological data and imagery. The radiology information systems(RIS) complements HIS (Hospital Information Systems), and is critical to efficient workflow to radiology practices. The features of the module are:
    • Patient registration and scheduling
    • Radiology department workflow management
    • Interface with modalities
    • Interactive documents and files creation
    • Custom report generation
    • PACS workflow
    • Billing and rules engine
    • Modality and material management