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MIS Dashboards

The MIS dashboards integrated in a hospital ERP deliver the single version of the truth for key stakeholders. We leverage our BI/Analytics expertise to deliver intuitive, actionable reports for improving performance and effectiveness of a hospital.

Our "Beyond Reporting" dashboard covers the entire gamut of key areas in a hospital and helps the top management to take effective decisions on a regular basis.

Some of the parameters could be of interest to the senior management are current bed occupancy across the chain of hospitals, revenue for a certain period, and accounts receivables etc.

Some of the key features of our dashboard are:

  • Graphical presentation of key parameters for easy comprehension
    • Total no of patient registrations
    • Beds occupancy status, ward wise/hospital wise
    • Revenue details
  • Customizable key parameters as per user
  • KPI representation specific to a facility, specialty department
  • Decision support system available to
    • Predict trends, history and extrapolation
    • Configure alerts, escalations via a rule engine
  • Supply chain management, human capital management
  • User friendly, customizable presentation views/graphs
  • Auto refresh feature that provides near real time visibility for decision makers