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Digital Health

The healthcare industry is grappling with many challenges such as rising costs, delivering quality patient care, accessibility and personalized care delivery. The future of healthcare lies in reinventing the primary care provided to patients through effective utilization of technology and better patient wellness programs leveraging “Digital Health”. A rock health report says that analysts are willing to spend $14 billion on digital health technologies.

ALTEN Calsoft Labs has been actively involved in working with healthcare organizations for the last 10 years and is one among the very few companies who work from chip to cloud. With a strong value proposition offered around, we empower our customers:

  • Accelerate digital technology for tracking, managing and improving patient care
  • Reduce inefficiencies in healthcare services delivery through digital health elements viz., health information systems, connected devices, wearable computing, connected health, mobile health, analytics and cloud
  • Personalized care and precise medicine delivery
  • Improve access, reduce costs, and increase care quality

Our offerings to Digital Health companies include:

  • Connectivity
    • Wired/RF technologies : USB, BT, RFID, NFC, etc.
    • Device drivers for wireless interfaces: Wi-Fi (802.11 a/b/g/n/ac), Bluetooth (v1.2, v2.0), NFC, GPS, ZigBee, GPRS/3G/LTE, etc.
  • Mobility and Cloud
    • HTML5 based medical device control & administration apps
    • Cloud services enablement – Healthcare as a Service
    • Mobile health applications
    • Mobile telemedicine/telecare devices
    • Patient monitoring devices
  • Analytics
    • Clinical decision and disease management systems
    • Clinical trials management systems
    • Genotyping and gene expression analysis for Bio-Tech labs
    • Data integration and Big Data analytics comprising R&D; data, Clinical trials data, Patient data and Adverse drugs effect data
  • Health Information Systems(eHealth)
    • EHR/EMR Development
    • Telemedicine
    • Healthcare information systems development (clinical/non-clinical)
  • Medical Device Management
    • Device discovery & management
    • Data collection, reporting & alerts
  • Healthcare 2.0
    • Patient portals development
    • Personalize health care, collaboration, and promote health education using blogs, podcasts, tagging, search and wikis